Safety Services – First Aid Kits Testing & Tagging


First Aid Kits Inspection & Tagging

First Aid Box Inspection and Re-stock

JAB will maintain your first aid kits and ensure they are always fully stocked, providing an onsite first aid kit restocking service.

The majority of items in a first aid kit contain an expiry date. Using first aid items that are past their expiry date are less or not effective for their intended uses or become unsterile, which is a danger and may cause harm during a first aid emergency.

We advise that it is best practice to have all first aid kits checked and replenished on a regular and ongoing basis.  WHS First Aid Regulations require employers to ensure workplaces are safe and that first aid kits are available, maintained and in good order.

JAB can schedule regular First Aid Kit Servicing site visits, as often as every month, quarterly or half yearly. On these visits, we will:

  • Check all first aid kits are adequately identified to assist in easily locating first aid equipment and facilities during an emergency
  • Clean, tidy and organise first aid kits.
  • Ensure that items are in good working order, have not deteriorated and are within their expiry dates.
  • That sterile products are sealed and have not been tampered with.
  • Ensure the kit contains a complete set of the required items specific workplace's needs and replenish required items.
  • Place our comprehensive report of the products inside kit including inspection date, expiry date, and date that items are replenished.
  • Email a report to all relevant persons.