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We Provide Inspections For


If you are a business or an employer you must ensure that all electrical equipment is regularly inspected and tested by a competent inspector.


With proper use a portable fire extinguisher will be able to reduce or eliminate the degree of injury, damage and cost to business in the event of a small fire.


Heights and lifting equipment should be inspected and maintained to keep it safe for daily use.


Most items in a first aid kit contain an expiry date. Expired items are less or not effective for their intended uses, which is a danger during a first aid emergency. 

Our Test & Tag Procedure

Visual Inspection

This is an important aspect of the testing and tagging procedure as most faults are detected through the visual inspection.


Each test is completed by using a Seaward Pro Tag Elite System, which is a portable appliance testing (PAT) machine that allows us to perform many types of tests depending on the type of equipment.


A Tag is placed onto each appliance that clearly states the asset Id, date of test and date of re-test. All Failed items need to be removed from service immediately.


For each tested/inspected item a detailed and comprehensible report will be emailed to all designated persons. In addition immediate on site reports are available on request as well as accessible through our website. All reports will be kept for 7 years for future reference.


We provide you with a user-friendly reporting system. Our goal is to supply you with a simple system that covers all your equipment under one report supplied via email, accessible online & At your request an immediate hard copy report can be provided on site.